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I just photographed a ton of remote controls at Best Buy. Why are all remotes designed so that the user has to point the end to the tv? I would think it would be more ergonimic to hold the remote upright, so you can see the numbers better. The sensor shooter doo-hickey would be on the backside of the remote, so you can easily look at the remote, punch the button and shoot it to the tv.

I think the sensor shooter is on the top-tip of the remote because, it gives the reomote control a sense of a magical wand. You point the stick, it shoots out the tip. Makes sense. Although my idea for the remote control would be similiar to the memory eraser on “Men in Black”. Kinda makes you wonder why the producers of “Men in Black” have them hold the memory eraser stick up when using it.

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20 years ago

if you’d bother to experiment, you will quickly realize you can point the clicker anywhere in the room and it will still command whatever appliance to do your bidding. point it up and stare at those lovely numerals, for what it’s worth, and click away.

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