Ron Paul breaks out in Google searches

Google Trends on: ron paul, rudy giuliani, mitt romney, john mccain

Google Trends on: hillary clinton, barack obama, john edwards, dennis kucinich

Let’s try to get Dennis Kucinich to achieve a break out in searches!

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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

Anything for you Matt. I just did a Google search for Dennis Kucinich. Do one yourself then click the Images tab. There are some darn funny pictures of him!

14 years ago

Pictures of Kucinich frighten me. Yay! Ron Paul! 😉

14 years ago

I’d like to see it come down to a vote between the two.

14 years ago

about 3 months ago omeone spray painted “google ron paul” on an overpass by my house. Graffiti is very rare in my neighborhood. So I googled “ron paul” and that’s how I first heard of this Ron Paul fella. guerrilla marketing works.

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