Six-word Bible Verses on Twitter

I have trouble memorizing long verses, but when they are six words long, it’s much easier. Not only is six words shorter, but you can break them up into a structure of 3×3. Or 2x2x2. They are handy little phrases just to think about walking down the street or with various empty times during the day.

I’ve been meaning to make a website or blog or something with them. Then it hit me. With twitter, it’s the perfect medium. Twitter is short and quick. These verses are short and quick. People like reading their Twitter daily. Once a day, I could send out a verse.

I set up a twitter account called sixwordverses for daily tweets for phrases in the Bible that are six words long.

There a couple other tools that are handy to create these tweets. I have four sites bookmarked in one folder on Firefox. Every week or so, I launch all four sites at once by doing a “open all in tabs” for these four bookmarks:

1) Google docs. I keep a running draft document of verses to post. (This is where I also write my posts, so it’s nice to stay within the same platform).

2) enables me to schedule a group of tweets to automatically post to a future date.

3) for the URL shortening. Not sure if i’m staying with them. Sure, they have URL tracking. But I want all the stats on one page. Right now I have to click on each URL to see the info.

4) for the Scripture references. I like the idea that someone can click on the link and then be able to easily read the whole chapter for context, or even click on some of the commentaries for that verse. In high school I was always so impressed by how much the Bible is able to cross-reference itself. It’s truly a true book of God. I like to think that someone else might come to realize that as well as he/she goes through

Go ahead and check it out. Sixwordverses on twitter. Please follow me. 🙂

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