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Sketch of van Gogh's "Fishing in Spring, the Pont de Clichy (Asn

My first sketch at an art museum

Sketching artwork in person at a museum is more of an experience than I imagined it to be. The enhanced observation, the nervousness. What to sketch? The decision on what to draw. With 5,267 items on display, what would be the first?! Lately, I’ve had an interest in gallery 241. Home to the van Gogh …

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Andrew Papageorge: creativity and innovation

Creativity vs Innovation

What is the difference between creativity and innovation? Two innovation experts give their thoughts in this two-minute video. I somewhat disagree with their definitions. They infer that innovation better than creativity. Andrew Papageorge, co-founder of GAPzip, says in the video: There’s a very important distinction between creativity and innovation. Creativity, we define as the generation …

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Not wide enough

Take a wider pano than planned

When you are shooting a panoramic with your camera, do you ever wonder when you should stop sweeping across? When I was photographing this scene of the Chicago River, Initially, I was drawn to frozen Chicago River, and how part of it was yet to be frozen under the bridge. This pattern of unfrozen water …

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feedly creativity sources

Where I find my inspiration online

Where do you go to find inspiration online? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Flickr? Websites? Possibly a combination of some of those? I’m going through all the artwork and artists that I’ve faved the past year. That means re-looking at all my Instagram likes, Twitter favs, Pinterest pins. I highly recommend that everyone look back at all …

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Colored bricks like stained glass

How to worry less by taking more photos

Yeah! Take more photos! Taking photos makes you more observant of your surroundings. Pausing and considering things around you gives you perspective. Often I can get too wrapped up inside my head about life and worrying. To get outside of my head, I’ll simply observe and be in the moment. When I’m not observing and …

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How everyone’s opinion is like an essential color in the spectrum

Without one color in the spectrum of light, everything looks much different. We need the range of all the colors in the spectrum to see the immense possibility of everything. Are you an expert in something? If you aren’t, do you like giving your opinion on things? How about at your job? When someone else …

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Starting creativity: sticky notes

Caitlin of posted a wonderful list of creative stimulation exercises. One of the things i find that helps me is to simply create. I spend so much time consuming, not enough time creating. I often make excuses for my consuming, saying I’m doing research for my project. But it’s really just procrastination for me. …

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