Tribune over Sun-Times

Another reason why the Tribune Company is superior over the Sun-Times. (both are competing newspapers in Chicago).

This afternoon I got some Subway for lunch and walked over by the Sun-Times building to eat, because it was close by. Upon arrival at the plaza outside the Sun-Times building, it was difficult to find a place to sit because of all the pigeon poop on the benches.

Once I found poop-free area to sit down, I started to eat my Subway sandwich. Then a bunch of pigeons started to gather around me. These are not your normal nice pigeons (if there is such a thing as a “nice” pigeon). These are pigeons that hang around this area, because there is a McDonalds nearby. Therefore, their diet comprises mostly of McDonalds french fries. It is mostly evident by their ruffled feathers. These are a bad-ass group of pigeons. Extremely rude.

Being the only person eating in the Sun-Times plaza that day, they all concentrated on me. I had to leave. I walked over to the Tribune plaza (which is only a block away). And getting to the point of this post. The Tribune is superior because they have pigeon-poop-free benches and there isn’t a resident gang of nasty pigeons.

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