two dollars glued together

If you glue two one-dollar bills together so you cannot take them apart without destroying them, what is it worth? One dollar or two dollars?

Yes, it is two dollars glued together, but since you cannot take them apart, you have destroyed the function of each dollar bill.

Is it a new creation? A two-dollar bill? If so, can you just create money?

Looking at it physically on quick glance it appears to be one dollar, but in actuality it’s two. Will a cashier be willing to take the time to accept it as two dollars? If so, will she be willing to try to explain it when she recirculates it as two dollars?

If you glue it slightly imperfectly then it stands a better chance to be considered two dollars. It’s ironic that if you spend the time to glue the two bills perfectly together, that only makes it worth one dollar.

By making two two dollars look like one is actually destroying the orginal function of these dollar bills. So in theory, they wouldn’t be worth anything, because you destroyed their original worth.

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laura k.
laura k.
21 years ago

i used to work at walgreens, and i would not take two dollar bills glued together as legal tender. kids today!

21 years ago

if you send money to the treasury they will give you the full value, you have to send 51% of a bill to get the full value so ripping a bill in two won’t result in $2 from them

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