Voting in the City of Chicago Primary 2006

One of the reasons for low-voter turnout is that people just don’t know. You often hear “I don’t know who to vote for, because I don’t really know anything about them.” The Chicago Tribune does have some nice articles about the candidates, but for the general public, they want something simple and easy. It would be great to have a site that where you punch in your address and not only does it tell you where to vote, but it also gives you a list of your ballot, and it tells you a quick summary what their stances are and who endorses them. Ok, maybe that might be two pages. But we live in the age of not only technology, but great design. So surely we can make a very handy guide.

But in the meantime, here’s some helpful links to assist you with your voting:

Chicago Sun-Times endorsements

very nice simple list

Chicago Sun-Times judge endorsements

Chicago Bar Association judicial evaluations

Chicago Tribune endorsements

It sucks how they spread it out over 12 pages. click. click. click.

Chicago’s supposed site to tell us where to vote

It’s barely loading today.

Suburbs voter info sites


Suburban Cook County

DuPage County

Kane County

Lake County

McHenry County

Will County

Where to search for your elected officials

This gives you your CURRENT officials, not the ones on the ballot.

But it does give you what district you are in for your US Representative, State Disctrict, State Representative.

If you have any other helpful links, please add them to the comments below. Thank you.

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