Website addresses to adapt all caps and exclamation point features

It’s so much fun to type the website address as ALL CAPS into a browser. I’m going to TWITTER.COM. By typing it in ALL CAPS it tells my browser that I’m totally serious about going to twitter. Give me the TWITTER! Then if a URL has exclamation points after it, the website should have fireworks and be SUPER exciting.

However, Firefox cannot handle exclamation points after a website address.!!! gets you a very non-exciting error.

Step it up firefox! I want an add-on that will “enhance” a website when it has exclamation points after it. Whatever the enhancement is, I leave it up to the developers. Just let me give you one suggestion. Godzilla.

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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

For all the headaches that Firefox has removed from my life since switching from IE, I will forgive them for not being able to handle exclamation points at this time

14 years ago

lol@tom in agreement

14 years ago

what sort of puncuation should be used if you’re not excited about visiting a website?

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