Wrigley Field expansion plans

I live in Wrigleyville the neighborhood that is home to Wrigley Field of the Chicago Cubs. Personally, i hate when the community puts up such a b*** about how bad the traffic is around Wrigley Field during game days. Like duh. Of course it’s gonna be bad. (personally, I don’t think it’s THAT bad). The pros of having a thriving popular baseball field in the neighborhood FAR outweigh the cons of some crappy traffic on for 1/5th of the year. Live with it people, or just move away. Wrigley Field has been here far longer than any of it’s community residents. You move by Wrigley Field, you have to be a complete moron not to realize that you are gonna have to put up with cubs traffic.

I also made a page with links to stories about the Wrigley Field expansion. I also plan on putting up a discussion board and a poll. https://www.spudart.org/wrigleyfield

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Tom Saaristo
22 years ago

RIGHT ON!! I am also SICK AND TIRED of all the WINING BABIES who bitch and moan when they’re the ones who chose to live in Wrigleyville in the first place! If they want to be able to live near a ballpark and have room for their precious cars without any pedestrian traffic, bars, restaurants, nightlife, or atmosphere, they can move next to Comiskey Park, YO!

Leave Wrigley Filed alone, leave the neighborhood alone, and let the REALfans have their space!

22 years ago

i only have to disagree with you on one thing – it’s Lakeview, not Wrigleyville. there’s more to that neighborhood than wrigley field.
i think the people opposed to expansion are just opposed to having “outsiders” in their precious neighborhood. if you dont like change, you dont like traffic, you dont like noise – you can move out by me in algonquin! then again, i dont want these crabs living by me either – so they can move to gary indiana instead. http://www.garychamber.com/

laura k.
laura k.
22 years ago

cubs rule

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