Wrigley Field rooftop club discounted tickets

The Wrigley Field rooftops are struggling financially as the Cubs suck. “There’s a lot of money going out and only some coming in,” said Rich Zasiebida (in a Tribune interview), managing partner of the Skybox on Sheffield, 3627 N. Sheffield Ave. “People have got hefty mortgages. We’re busting our (hump) over here.” The Chicagoist also reported on Wrigley rooftop clubs are striking out. Here’s a comment I left on that post:

It’s about time that the prices go down on the rooftops. Pure logic would say that a rooftop ticket should be cheaper than a Wrigley Field ticket. I love the idea of rooftops. They are great. Don’t get me wrong. Rooftops. Fantastic. Neighborhoods. Fantastic. It’s part of Wrigley’s charm. But spending over $100 for a ticket to sit on the rooftop outside the ballpark? I always thought it was crazy. But corporations can be crazy with how they spend money for their top executives. I’m happy to see that corporations are being a little more wise with their money.

I’d like to see the rooftops go back to the day when they were simple and innocent. Of course, those days are long gone and I should accept the commercialization of the rooftops. I wish the rooftop owners well, but I’m sorry, things have gotten out of hand with the price. It’s kinda like the housing market. Things totally exploded like crazy. And now people are struggling now that prices are starting to come back to reality.

Welcome to reality.

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

Wow, you said “Cubs suck” Wow Just Wow

Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

OK, I can now see the difference between a season and an institution. You never fail to enlighten me

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