2006 Chicago Cubs NL leaders

(photo under creative commons license from dgphilli)

Here’s all the stats the Cubs had leaders in for the 2006 season:

SLG %: 9th-Ramirez .561

Total Bases: 8th-Ramirez 333

Homeruns: 9th-Ramirez 38

RBI: 6th-Ramirez 119

Extra Base Hits: 6th-Ramirez 80

Games: 1st-Pierre 162

At Bats: 1st-Pierre 699

Hits: 1st-Pierre 204

Triples: 2nd-Pierre 13

SB: 2nd-Pierre 58

Singles: 1st-Pierre 156

At Bats per Strikeout: 1st-Pierre 18.4

Outs: 1st-Pierre 532

Sac. Hits: 6th-Cedeno 15

Era: 5th-Zambrano 3.41

Wins: 6th-Zambrano 16

Won-Loss %: 3rd-Zambrano .696

Hits Allowed/9IP: 2nd-Zambrano 6.81

Strikeouts/9IP: 3rd-Zambrano 8.83

Strikeouts: 4th-Zambrano 210

Bases On Balls Allow.: 1st-Zambrano 115

Wild Pitches: 6th-Zambrano 9, 7th-Guzman 8

Games: 4th-Howry 84: 10th-Ohman 78

Saves: 9th-Dempster 24

Games Finished: 1st-Dempster 64

So Pierre is a stud. He played every game. He lead the league in hits and stolen bases. He has the best strikeout ratio, yet is second in triples. Incredible.

Ramirez had more power than I thought. Zambrano, of course, finished high in many stat, but I was suprised to see him #1 in walks allowed. It’s also shocking that Dempster finished the most games. And Howry was fourth in most games for a pitcher? Whadda year.

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17 years ago

you forgot about this category: Yelling at baseball and anything within a 500 foot radius: 1st-Zambrano 15,000,000 You gotta love Carlos Zambrano

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