2009 loses to 2008 in Battle Royale

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Sporting events

2008: Summer Olympics

2009: The second World Baseball Classic, The Women’s Professional Soccer league will debut

Winner: 2008. Nothing trumps the summer Olympics


2008: Presidential election

2009: Nothing

Winner: 2008. Obama!

Chinese Year

2008: Brown Earth Rat Year

2009: Brown Earth Cow Year

Winner: 2009. Year of the rat? WTF. I’m glad that’s over (well, starting February 4, 2009).

Year of

2008 has been designated as the:

* International Year of Planet Earth.

* International Year of Languages.

* International Year of the Potato.

* International Year of Sanitation.

* International Year of the Frog.

* European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

2009 has been designated as the:

* International Year of Astronomy.

* International Year of Natural Fibres.

* International Year of Reconciliation.

Winner: 2008. Year of the potato. C’mon! (I can’t believe I missed that one!)

Roman Numeral

2008: MMVIII

2009: MMIX

Winner: 2009. Just look at that! MMIX. This is the year of the MMIX!


2008: 8, the number of infinity

2009: The highest single-digit number in the decimal system

Winner: Gorsh. This is a tie. You have infinity, which should be anything. But 2009 presents a good case too, especially since 8 doesn’t really represent infinity. It’s more of an infinity imposter. Ok. Winner goes to 2009.


2008: Leap year

2009: No leap year

Winner: 2008. It even has more days than 2009!


By count of the seven categories, 2008 wins 4-3. What a narrow win! I‚Äôm sorry 2009, but all you are is really a precursor to the year 2010. This year should totally be called “the year before 2010” or “2010-1.” We all can tell who is gonna win the Battle Royale next year between 2010 and 2009. 2009 is so weak. I can‚Äôt wait for 2010 to march in. 2010 is so future! Year of the jetpack for every American!

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Marco Buscaglia
Marco Buscaglia
11 years ago

W out of office should be worth at least 50 points. 2009 wins in a landslide.

Erin Ellis
11 years ago

no way! we’re all gonna shine in oh nine! boo 2008!

11 years ago

MMIX!! that is so cool. it’s like your initials, plus 9! that’s really awesome. 9 is a nifty number. it’s 3×3! you have to love that!

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