Adobe to buy Macromedia in $3 billion stock deal

Who’s gonna stay: GoLive or Dreamweaver?
Adobe buys Macromedia: what will happen to GoLive and Dreamweaver?

Here’s a boring stories on it: Marketwatch, Silicon Republic, Mac Daily News. They all say the same thing. “blah blah blah.” We want real answers to real questions. So here you go:

GoLive vs. Dreamweaver

So what’s gonna stay: Adobe GoLive or Macromedia DreamWeaver? Adobe really loves their GoLive, so I can see them keeping it. To eliminate GoLive certainly would take some guts on Adobe’s part to admit that Dreamweaver is more popular. I’m betting that they will keep it GoLive, but will incorporate some DreamWeaver engine stuff and market the combined product as GoLive now with more power than ever.

Actually, both “GoLive” and “Dreamweaver” are odd names. They should get a completely new name. But they might combine them:

ï DreamLive

ï GoWeaver

ï LiveWeaver

ï GoDream

Flash vs. uh nothing

The only thing that will stay from MacroMedia under its original brand will be Flash. But will it become Adobe Flash CS MX 2005?

Illustrator vs. Freehand

Freehand deserves to die. Many years ago.

Imageready vs. Fireworks

Who has even used Fireworks? Keep it to July 4th. Imageready for the rest of the year.

Photoshop vs. uh nothing


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18 years ago

what is with you and your accusations of elitism? so far in the past few days i’ve been accused of being an anti-McD’s elitist, and now a Dreamweaver elitist. heck yes! i’m both. down with McD’s, up with Dreamweaver. i am concerned about the anti-competition nature of this merger. what’s next? Adobe Quark? i think GoLive and Dreamweaver are good competitive products, because they are both GOOD products. one of them shouldn’t be lost because of a merger. now Microsoft Frontpage, THAT should be killed. let’s get ridda that! someone merge THAT thing outta here!

18 years ago

Dreamweaver is better than GoLive. yes it is!

18 years ago

that’s my point. they are really equally GOOD, so it’s mainly what you ended up learning at the beginning, and are comfortable with. what you are used to. i’m used to Dreamweaver. it works for me. i just don’t think that competitive advances should be squelched because of a merger between the two products. because they are the top two products in the web authoring field, they are always trying to outdo each other, and are getting better all the time. if we merge these two, that drive to improve will be over. what will DreamLive be competing with then? Frontpage? yuck, no real competition there. obviously, Adobe would like to see less competition for its products, but on a consumer level we will only be hurt by this.

18 years ago

i like your hybred names godream and dreamlive very creative.

18 years ago

Aldus got its name from Aldus Manutius, a big-cheese guy in the field of typography. he produced the first italics! his press was called the Aldine Press. i live on Aldine Ave. perhaps i am Aldus Manutius reincarnated.

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