ART PROJECT IDEA: Historical plaques project

I like obscure historical landmark signs

I’m thinking about doing a project with all the historical markers in Chicago. Maybe a collection of photos. A photo of just the plaque. A photo of the location where the plaque is. Maybe a 30 second video of the surroundings showing a 360-degree around the plaque. In addition to the photos, it would be fun to also include pencil rubbings. I’ve always wanted to do a pencil rubbings website. I could showcase photos, videos, a pencil rubbing. Or maybe it could also be a pencil rubbing trade if anyone wants a pencil rubbing. If it’s a trade thing, maybe the photos could be included.

I also have a new art project in the cooker called “sandwich bag art museum” where i hang up paintings on canvas inside a plastic sandwich bag at specific locations around the city. Maybe the painting could be related to the historical plaque.

Wikipedia is also a wealth of information on historical things. It would be nice to tie wikipedia in somehow. And those QR codes are popular. I’m not sure if people really use them. I like the idea of a tangible piece of art by the plaque. Or maybe even just a note. Or maybe it could be a clipboard with paper on it asking people for their thoughts.

One thing about all this history stuff is that it can get rather trivia-full. I’d like to somehow tie it back to daily life as well. Either how this specific piece of history has made our lives different now. In the case of this wheat plaque the artwork could be about the importance of wheat in our lives. Or the importance of wheat to Chicago. Or how this was the start of the futures market. Or maybe a branch off of something related to what how things are like now. Is Chicago a wheat center now? If not, where is it now.

Do you have any ideas on what I can do with this historical plaques project?

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Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

Brainstorming: You could take pictures of the whacky historical plaques and then post the pictures online and have a virtual scavenger hunt wherein people identify the location of the plaque. Whoever gets the most correct could win a prize … maybe a print of your photo of their favorite whackadoodle historical plaque.

Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

Congrats on being featured (again 😉 on Gapers Block!

Kristina Jarosik
Kristina Jarosik
12 years ago

tom that is a fun idea! side note:history buffs always try to find historical plaques that are inaccurate. there are actually quite a few out there. runner’s prize if someone can prove that one of the historical plaques is incorrect with a primary source(s) they win a special prize.

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