IDEA: send pencil rubbings as postcards for postcrossing is a site where you can sign up to send and receive postcards from across the world. (It is #14 on my list of 14 things that inspired me in 2008.) Most people send postcards of photos of their local area. I’ve been sending postcards of photos of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid.

Wouldn’t it be cool to send a pencil rubbing? Yeah! This would combine two loves of mine. Postcrossing and pencil rubbings! You can’t really do a pencil rubbing with thick postcard paper, so I’ll have to use thinner paper for the rubbing and spray mount it onto some postcard stock. And I’ll spray fix the graphite so it doesn’t smear through the mail.

I’m also thinking about doing a dual-card where half the card is the pencil rubbing, the other half is a photo of the building.

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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

Looks like you have all your bases covered: do the pencil rubbing, afix it to card stock, seal the rubbing, send! As someone who has bought homemade postcards to send to postcrossing folks, I would highly recommend Super 77 spray mount. The last batch of postcards I bought were spray mounted to cardstock, but the glue didn’t hold and I had to remount every last one. I let the artist know in the kindest gentlest way I knew how. I wasn’t that upset about it, but I didn’t want her to catch any riff from any future purchasers. By the way, my 1 year anniversary on PostCrossing is coming up! I wasn’t very active until this year, but I’ve been sending postcards pretty consistently this year.

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