Can a crumbled sheet of paper be mailed?

I was in a brainstorm meeting for a brochure. What kinds of folds shall we use? Gatefold? Double Gatefold? Frenchfold? Mapfold? Accordianfold? Barrelfold? (examples)

We are playing with all these different options of folds. Fold this. Fold that. la la la.

Then the best fold of them all… The crumble fold! Imagine. Getting a crumbled sheet of paper in the mail. Can it be done? of course it can. Here’s the tester mailings.

A) Very crumbled
B) Kinda crumbled
C) Crumbled ball in normal envelope.

I’m most doubtful of C not making it through. The envelope may tear like it did with mailing pennies.

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laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

i would suspect post office foul play.

laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

if you put tape on it, it will rip when you try to open it.

19 years ago

Sweet. I like A the best. Let us know how it all turns out!

laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

i also vote for C.

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