chicago rubbings

I was doing some thinking about doing rubbings (placing a piece of paper up on a wall, rubbing a pencil or charcoal on the paper to reproduce the texture underneath paper).

It made me think of how I could walk around chicago and make rubbings of various famous and/or interesting things. Similiar to how I always carry a digital camera around with me to capture intereting items, except this rubbing is a much more intimate reproduction of observations. Here’s a chart of some differences between the media of photo and rubbings.

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laura k.
laura k.
20 years ago

that is really cool. when i was in girl scouts, we used to go to the cemetary and make rubbings of the tombstones. sorta odd, now that i think about it…

Tom Saaristo
20 years ago

I used to have quite a decent collection of rubbings from around downtown Ann Arbor…I wonder where they are?

Hey, Matt! You could sell them on ebay!

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