Copy protected CDs?

Dutch consumer electronics maker Philips, the co-creator of the CD, is opposed to the recent trend in copy-protected audio-CDs that contain countermeasures that prevent playback on computers and, in some unintended cases, normal CD players as well.

The controversial new anti-copying technology introduces minute errors to the CDs, or changes the location of data on the discs to prevent them from being played back on computers. In theory, most consumer CD players can correct the errors and decipher the structure, unlike the more finicky computer CD drives.

Even when the protection technology works as intended, Wirtz said that normal wear and tear could eventually overwhelm the error correction for the altered discs, causing them to become unreadable within a few years.

How to spot one of these CDs? These CDs will not be carrying the official “Compact Disc” Logo. For the full story go to:

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