How much cholesterol is in the KFC Double Down Sandwich?

KFC has a new sandwich where instead of bread for the buns, it has chicken patties:

  • A fried chicken patty
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • 2 slices of bacon
  • and another fried chicken patty.

Curious about the nutrition is for this monster, I went onto the KFC website. But as of August 25, 2009; the nutrition info for the Doubledown Sandwich not listed on their website. The most recent update to their nutrition guide is labeled from April 2009: “kfc_nutrition_april09.pdf.” Shouldn’t it be illegal for a restaurant with over X-number locations to not list the nutrition of all their food? How can KFC can put out a sandwich without making available the facts that will inform people how dangerous it can be?

The Huffington Post reports:

The Vancouver Sun has done an independent calorie analysis for the “Double Down” and has concluded the “sandwich” likely has 1228 calories.

But if our figures hold true, and KFC won’t confirm they don’t, the Double Down is more caloriffic than the Wendy’s Triple with Everything and Cheese (1700 mg sodium, 960 calories, 26 gms of fat), the Burger King Stacker Quad (1770 sodium, 1020 calories, 69 gms of fat), and compares closely to the fat, salt and calorie totals of three McDonalds Big Macs put together (3060 sodium, 1620 calories, 87 gms fat).

Thank goodness for newspapers getting the facts. What will we do without our newspapers? SRSLY. THREE BIG MACS? Wow. I wonder how much cholesterol it has. I sent KFC an email.

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12 years ago

That looks extremely dangerous and disgusting! At first I thought it was a joke… then I realized they were serious! I can’t believe that in today’s society that should be well-educated on nutrition, that someone would even attempt to sell such a product, and even worse, that it WOULD sell. Okay, I’m going off to barf now… (not really, but it makes me feel like it!)

12 years ago

whoa! estimated 1228 calories? Protein Power! (wasn’t that a eat only meat/protein fad diet)? … If in the future, Historians study our civilization, I hope they won’t find information about the kind of fast food some people eat. (well that and a few OTHER things!) How embarrassing!

12 years ago

A little persepective is required here. Certainly this is a calorie/cholesterol monster. It won’t THAT much harm to eat one of these once every couple months. It’s all about moderation.

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