I am looking for designers on Instant Messenger

Hey. I’ve only got a few designers on my buddy list. I’m looking to add some more. Are you a designer and would like to get a random IM every week or so? Instant message me today on the AOL Instant Messenger, I’m spudart.

Here’s some classic examples of what you’ll get if you are my new designer buddy:


“Why does Futura get so ugly in bold and heavy? Why?!!!!! Naaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!”

Interesting trivia questions:

“how many websites do you think there are in the world?”

(and yes, I do provide answers to these questions)

Breaking Mac news that I get all geeked over:

“The first Macintosh tablet on sale in April. I am peeing my pants!!!!! http://www.macworld.com/2007/01/firstlooks/modbook_fl/index.php

Wacked out stuff:

“dude. hit command-control-option-8”

Yes. Sometimes I will blog about these things, but you will get the breaking news that I’m so-overly-eagerly-superly-duperly-excited-about-that-I-have-to-share-it-with-another-designer. Instant message me today on the AIM, I’m spudart. YES!

Oh oh. If you want see some of my design work, check out the design section of spudart.org. And hey, if you have samples of your work too, that would be very nice. It’s essential-o-rama to see the work of the designer buddy I’m chatting with.

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14 years ago

Hello, spudart. My IM tag is “yikesmoose”. I am a designer in the Chicagoland area. Feel free to IM me with anything design-related whether it’s a font question or you need feedback on a design. I’m here.

14 years ago

Hooray! I can vouch: spudart is a fun AIM friend to have! Join the party train, woo woo!

14 years ago

aim shmaim… google talk is where it’s at..

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