IDEA: Charting the mustache trend in baseball

Imagine if someone counted the number of mustaches in every year Topps made a baseball card set. Then there could be a line chart to display the mustache trends in baseball through the years.

What year do you think was the height of the most baseball mustaches? Was it when Ryne Sandberg sported a mustache in 1987? Or perhaps sometime during the cRaZy seventies? I’m guessing 1983 was the pinnacle of baseball mustaches. What’s your guess?

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14 years ago

The best baseball moustache of all time was sported by Rollie Finger:

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
14 years ago

Cartophilliac – How can you walk around with a mustache like that and not feel like a total weirdo? Just askin’. Although, I’m not a man so I don’t really get the male-facial hair relationship thing.

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