Monster Trucks at Soldier Field?

Monster trucks. They are great.

Monster trucks in a small arena. Not so great.

Currently the Monster Trucks come to the bandbox AllState Arena every year in February. I’ve gone to see the show twice, and it’s alright. Don’t get your hopes up at the AllState. I heard some hardcore fans explaining that the Allstate Arena is a poor location for Monster Trucks, cuz it’s so small, they can’t get up to full speed and really fly. Instead they have to go in circles in this little coffee cup of a stadium.

The Chicagoist speculates that Monster Trucks might be coming to Soldier Field. Rock! To have Monster trucks roam free in the big Soldier Field. AWWW YEAH! MONSTER TRUCKS AT SOLDIER FIELD. LET THE MONSTER TRUCK GO FREE IN CHICAGO!

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14 years ago

Allstate is great for Arena Football, however! Go Rush! 🙂

14 years ago

I agree 100%. Allstate Arena is not suited for Monster Truck. Soldier Field would be so incredible awesome. Though Allstate is nice for seeing the trucks up close and personal, but they just don’t do much. I’d rather be a little further away from the action and see incredibly awesome action.

14 years ago

I can still hear the roaring of the machines ringing in my ears. I always love the noise and the feel of these monster truck shows. It’s like man, meet machine.

14 years ago

Doing it at the soldier field, that would be great. I’ll be waiting for the coming of this adventure. I just love monster truck!

13 years ago

monstertrucks at soldiersfield is an awsome idea,allstate arena is way to small for the drivers to let it all hang out.Go soldiersfield

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