My favorite spudart blog posts of 2007

My top six favorite blog posts of 2007 (in no order):

A wallet full of only two-dollar bills

Spending only two-dollar bills has been lots of fun.

How to have fun on IM with the Spongebob theme song

This is just plain fun.

Moon’s size compared to Earth

The moon is always floating decontextualized in the night sky. The graph on this blog post brings the moon down to earth. It shows how big the moon is when laid across planet Earth.

Draw on your computer monitor

A fun idea for something to do at work.

Original painting used for the ten-dollar bill

Insights into the history and origins of things we take for granted are always interesting.

Cicada Olympics

Gotta love those Cicadas. God is great for creating little creatures to visit us every 17 years. They need to have some sort of logo like the Olympic rings.

If you have any favorite spudart blog posts from 2007 (check out the archives), please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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