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9 comments on "payment in two dollar bills"

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laura k.

they don’t make two-dollar bills anymore, do they? i wonder what the initial reason for starting to make them was. i mean, who thought “two-dollar bills! now THAT’S what we need in this country!”


my wife received a two-dollar bill as payement the other day from a friend. we have it on our dining room table right now. It’s cool. It looks brand new. I bet they keep making new ones. All the two-dollar bills i see are crisp and new-looking. And they’re supposed to be from 1976? I doubt it. Money ages fast. That’s why you don’t see too many bills older than 10 years in circulation. I bet the gov prints two buckers every so often.

Tom Saaristo

I believe your wife’s 2 dollar bill is from 1976 … what’s the date on it? I’ve never received a “worn” 2 dollar bill. They just never really caught on. Money doesn’t age that fast, especially money that doesn’t circulate because people don’t use it.

Kristina Jarosik

you need to send this post and comments to aunt grace. she LOVES $2 bills.

Yes they still make $2 bills. In fact they are planning on printing a new batch of them next year. The reason that they usually look so good is that people think they are rare and hoard them. They do not circulate as much as other bills. I right now have about 50 of them in my wallet. It is cool to use them to pay for stuff and see the reactions of the cashiers. When you go to the bank all you have to do is ask if they have any. Most banks will have some.

Also the federal reserve still has many two dollar bills that have never circulated yet, that’s why some of the 76’ers are in such good condition


I just got a debt of $40 paid in two dollar bills… what a trip!


Two’s aren’t rare, they’re just percieved that way. They were never a novelty item. They were always the denomination between one and five, since the 1800’s. They were only percieved as rare after the bicentennial release because people thought they were collector’s items. Spend them like normal money, and they will circulate again. It’s when you save them for “Special things” that problems run in. Do you save that 10 or 20, or single for that ‘Special thing’? No. Spend two’s anywhere, they’re not rare!