Photoshop prohibits images of money

Photoshop CS would not allow me to open up the scans of the 20-dollar bills from the previous post about Thoughts on money. This was the error message:

This application does not support the unauthorized processing of banknote images.

For more information, select the information button below for Internet-based information on restrictions for copying and distributing banknote images or go to

Creepy. Is there some sort of man inside photoshop that is looking at my images? They probably sent an email to the feds getting me in trouble! What. What’s that at the door?

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19 years ago

i remember reading about this on metafilter late last year… it turns out that the 0’s in the little yellow 20’s form a pattern that photoshop CS and newer copy machines will recognize and prohibit scanning/copying. here’s more info: apparently there are workarounds, such as scanning out of proportion or scanning in pieces and re-assembling – but i’ve only got 7.0 so i’m still in the clear. but anyways, you’re right, it is creepy.

Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

See? Even your scanner is trying to tell you something! There is a lot of technology built into scanners and photocopy machines to prevent counterfeiting. Even copyrighted photo graphs have information embedded in the prints to prevent unauthorized photocopying and scanning.

laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

wow, i am blown away by this. the software has been humanized. it’s intelligent. it’s like AI, only it’s SI. big brother is here!

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