Piero’s Proses: Part 1 of 7: Stratification

European towns have been built over and over. So-and-so country comes and takes over. They rebuild over part of the town. Such-and-such country comes hundreds years later and they rebuild over the part of the town. And so on. There are many levels of stratification.

When you go to the grocery store and buy a cup of yogurt. (or as Piero said, “yo-GAIRT”). The cashier scans it in which tells a computer in the back for them to restock that item on the shelf. When they restock the item on the shelf, they scan something in to tell the purchaser to buy more yogurt. When they buy more yogurt, that tells the yogurt company to send more yogurt… and so on. Again, levels of stratification.

“Think about what goes on beyond the simplicity.”

Source: 9/23/2004 talk by Italian designer Piero Lissoni at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

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