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Pur water dispeners are better than Brita


I’m just about to purchase a water filter. I was thinking of getting the big momma 1.13-gallon tank (Brita Ultra-Max Dispenser). The easy-to-use dispenser would be nice to fill up water bottles or cups. And it’s so monster huge, I won’t have to be refilling the thing all the time. But then several different reviews said there was a problem with mold on this design:

Mold: If you do not let this filter dry within a maximum of two days, you will get mold. This mold will probably make you ill (sore throat) (Conversely if you look at it from another point of view – it will strengthen your immune system). To avoid this problem, the water dispenser should be washed every week at very least (to safe you should wash it more often). I have never had this problem with Brita’s other products


So I thought I’d go with the pitcher version (Brita Deluxe Water Pitcher). The biggest one i could find is this 80 ounce sucker. But then the amazon reviews were complaining about how the lid didn’t stay on, and so many people talked about how they spill water all over.


Some of the reviews for Brita said people should go with Pur, it’s better quality. According to the reviews for the Pur 2 Stage Water Dispenser #DS-1800Z, there wasn’t anything significantly bad about this dispenser. In fact, there were even several reviews about how people used a Brita, and then found the Pur to be much better. So there you go, Pur is better than Brita.

Now which Pur to get?


I’m getting the Horizontal faucet chrome and the oval pitcher.

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Tom Saaristo

I have the Brita and I would rate it pretty high. I think people who complain about the lid not staying on aren’t snapping it into place. I’ve never had the lid fall off if I’ve snapped it on. Those Water Dispensers are HUGE! They would take up too much room in my refrigerator. If you don’t have anything in your refrigerator though, they might be a good way to go. You should wash any… Read more »

Tom Saaristo

Here is a link I just found to the Clear20 website.

Tom Saaristo

The Clear20 filters are more expensive because they are solid carbon and filter more contaminants, but I’m not completely sold on the Clear20. You have to hook the valve up to the faucet which isn’t as easy as lift a lid and filling the container. The initial cost for the pitchers is about equal. The Clear20 site offers an Auto Ship option on the filters with free FED EX shipping. 1 filter is $15.99. I’ve… Read more »

Erin Ellis

I have a Brita and I like it. I think I just dislike Pur because it filters much slower. Anyhow… The graffiti is from Charleston, SC – it’s all over downtown and Daniel Island. My friend knows who does it, but its a secret. And it’s not the only phrase. There is one that says: This is your father’s ipod. I want you to have it. And maybe one day, if its not broken… Read more »


I have the Brita Ultramax dispenser.. I’ve never had any issues with mold. I usually wash it out once every couple of months or so. I mainly use it to get rid of the chlorine taste. I think they put enough in the water here that mold is afraid to even consider going anywhere near the *filtered* water.


1. Slower filtration = more stuff removed. More time for the water to interact and impurities to bind to the filter. As a chemist, I am not convinced that a solid block could work better than granules, since granules have more surface area to bind impurities. 2. My small Brita pitcher gets the orangy mold on it. So does my cat water dish. And my shower. It’s Chicago water. My sister (the microbiologist) says it… Read more »