Soda Pop trends 2004-2006

(The number of times Pepsi, Coke, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Mountain Dew were searched on Google)

Coke spikes in July 2006 with rumor of secrets being sold. Ok, so there can be a sharp spike in searches when there’s a juicy news story that comes out–as with the case of the story that three people were accused of trying to sell Coke’s recipe secret. But the weird thing is how the search traffic is still continuing to be much higher than normal. But it did die down in December as it also did in Decembers of 2004 and 2005.

honorable mentions for most searched sodas: mountain dew, 7up, dr pepper, monster energy.

It’s rather cool to see the upstart of Monster Energy gain steam. Check out the chart of Monster Energy by itself and you’ll see it’s still increasing.

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17 years ago

soda pop is the sweet nectar of life. I wish I wasn’t addicted to soda. I gave it up a couple years ago. I only drink pop when on vacation or at cubs games. I know i’ve shared this info before, but i like to talk about it. My wife tries to get me to drink soda every once in a while because she knows how much i miss it. Sometimes I consider releasing the ban when I’m at sit-down restaurants cuz sometimes i feel like i get poorer service when the waiter sees that I’m drinking only water.

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