Soda pop

Thirsty trees drink Coca-Cola

Trees needs caffeine. Putting syrup back into the trees. Tree reading nutrition label on Coke can. Sweet nectar of the gods. (from @kevinthau on Jelly) Crooked coke ?? (from Johanne Kirkeby on Jelly) You must be barking mad (from Ian Clark on Jelly) Sometimes you just need a Coke (from Kevin Cattani on Jelly) I …

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Pepsi fails by making Coke into a Superhero in Halloween ad

Pepsi originally thought they had Coke beat with this Halloween ad, but Coke’s unofficial response is actually much, MUCH better than Pepsi’s original concept. (source: thenextweb) First off, a red cape is not scary. What was Pepsi thinking that putting a red cape on a can makes it scary? Red capes immediately say Superman. If …

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Diet Cheery Pepsi

I like calling the name of Cherry Pepsi to be “Cheery Pepsi.” If you enjoy Cheery Pepsi or Cheery Coke, please let us know what you like about it in the comments.

Caffeine makes my hands hurt

Drinking caffeine will make the joints in my fingers to make cracking sounds. The caffeine will also make my hands hurt overall. I don’t drink soda or coffee very often (maybe once a week) and EVERY time the next morning, my hands will crack and hurt a bit. My dad drinks coffee every day and …

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Soda Pop trends 2004-2006

(The number of times Pepsi, Coke, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Mountain Dew were searched on Google) Coke spikes in July 2006 with rumor of secrets being sold. Ok, so there can be a sharp spike in searches when there’s a juicy news story that comes out–as with the case of the story that three people were accused …

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Warm soda reminds me of trips

Riding along in a car on a vacation sipping on an old soda that has been resting for a couple hours… that’s what drinking a warm soda reminds me of.