How I lost 20 pounds and kept it off

Throughout college and six years after, I was a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 25.4 (5’11” 182 lbs). Technically 25 BMI is considered overweight, which seems a bit odd to me, but anyways. Then I lost 20 pounds through a change in workout and eating habits. Now i’ve been a 22.4 BMI for the past three and half years.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • No more cow milk. Drink soy milk.
  • No more soda. Only one every one or two weeks.
  • Eat halves more often: Occasionally for lunch, if it’s a big lunch, eat half. Save the other half for next day.
  • Eat slower.
  • Change workout routine. It’s easy to get in a rut. For three years prior to the weight loss, I was doing the same thing over and over. But then I started to do different things in the gym and saw results.
  • Yogurt, nuts, chocolate.
  • Lots — lots of sleep.
  • Mini-workouts at home. Just a few sets with dumbbells here and there.

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Fact: Weight loss is 90% diet. I just need to stay motivated. I yo-yo all the time. What brand of Soy milk do you drink? I looked into switiching, but most brands I’ve found contain all kinds of stuff … including sugar.

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Oh, and my BMI is 24. I’d like it to be 22.

16 years ago

my BMI is 22 also! i thought i heard somewhere that working out one part of your body doesnt make the fat go away from that area…thats why doing all the situps in the world wont make you have a six pack because you’ll just have a layer of flab over it. is that right?

16 years ago

Yay for weight loss! I weighed 200 pounds in college, and have lost about 50 pounds in the last four years. I want to lose more and really struggle to keep off the weight I’ve lost. You’re right about a rut. You have to mix up your workouts. And I also think that cow products are a dieter’s worst enemy. I try to never drink cow milk, but when I am really focused on weight loss, I try not to eat cheese ever.

Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

I’m still searching for that chocolate post, but had to report that my BMI is now 22 🙂

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