cold soda pop

What would take longer to chill in a refrigerator:
* unopened soda pop
* opened soda pop (but with the bottle cap twisted back on, and none drank)

I would think the opened soda would chill faster, because alot of the carbonation has been released. Those air bubbles would slow down the cooling process. (air takes longer than water to cool).

Whaddya think?

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stu d.
19 years ago

i would theorize that the opened one would chill faster only if it had been opened while hot. Carbonation escapes quicker at higher temperatures. This also brings up the oddity that hot water freezes faster than cold water – this being because molecules still need to move around to crystalize and since hotter molecules move faster, they can crystalize faster. OK. so it’s not an answer, but it is an interesting thought anyway.

Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

It is my understanding that the myth about hot water freezing faster than cold water is just that: a myth.

The initial idea behind freezing hot water wasn’t because it froze more quickly, but because freezing boiled water [specifically”> resulted in clearer ice cubes, which is not a myth…but who has the time to boil water to make ice cubes? If you’ve ever watched the show “Unwrapped” they did a brilliant segment on [of all things”> Ice Cubes.

But this doesn’t contribute to Matt’s query.

Stu is correct, more carbonation is lost when opening a room temperature bottle of carbonated beverage than a cold one.

A bottle of water will chill fast and colder than a bottle of soda, so I will say that the opened-then-closed soda bottle [with less carbonation”> will chill faster than the unopened bottle.

19 years ago

The higher the pressure on a gas, the higher it’s temperature. When you open a soda, you’re releasing the pressure, therefore as a result, I’d guess the opened one would cool faster.

16 years ago

For science fair me and my partner is doing which pop will freeze faster we are doing mountian dew, serria mist, diet pipsi, coke, cherry coke. Can you helps us on how to do this porject we want to do this porject because i was all way woudering what pop will freeze faster.HELP US PLEASE

Randolph Strand
Randolph Strand
12 years ago

I am in the food & drink vending industy. Diet Pop always freezes long befroe sugar sodas… I will be interested in the results of your experiments. Thank you. Randy

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