tricky soda pop companies

Having to look on the inside label, instead of under the cap, is very tricky by soda companies. It makes the drinker want to drink more fast, “did i win? did i win?”.

The compeition for this one is: “Dr. Pepper Win a Spider-mand DVD. 1 of 100 Sony Home Theaters or Thousands of other prizes”

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laura k.
laura k.
20 years ago

you could see it if it was clear, like 7up.

17 years ago

Here’s the real kicker: Have you ever actually sat down to read t he ‘Contest Rules’?… Usually most of these soda companies will say “No purchase necessary in order to win.” So if the winning announcement is under the cap or inside the lable, how else are you going to know you’ve won UNLESS YOU PURCHASE THE ITEM? I don’t think the Walmart employees would like you too much if they bust you on the drink isle uncapping the sodas and ripping the lables off just b/c the soda company said “no purchase necessary”…

17 years ago

EXACTLY! So in all reality, there is no such thing as ‘no purchase necessary’ when it comes to these soda contests… Either you purchase the soad and see if you’ve won, or mail off for a ‘free’ entry. But if you’re mailing off, you’re still havng to PURCHASE the stamp! *False advertisement if you ask me….

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