the negative chip caray

Chip Caray, tv announcer for the Chicago Cubs since 1998, has been growing more and more irratiable as the baseball season goes on. Why?

Is it the Cubs awful play this season? No, I don’t think that’s the main reason.

The real reason is that most Cubs fans don’t like Chip. Chip knows this so he is trying to emulate fan-favorite Cubs radio announcer Ron Santo. Santo lets all his comments loose on WGN radio. Both good and bad. Sometimes good ol’ Ron will curse out the Cubs if they do something dumb. Chip sees this, so I think he is trying to copy this part of Santo’s announcing.

But what Chip doesn’t realize is that Ron Santo is a true blue Cubs fan. He played with the Cubs for 23 years. He loves the Cubs. Makes me wonder if Chip loves the Cubs.

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Tom Saaristo Saaristo
20 years ago

One word: Nepotism

Ryan McMillan
Ryan McMillan
17 years ago

I’ve listened to Chip Caray on WGN since 1998, and he is terrible. The only enjoyable thing about listening to him the last couple years was Steve Stone. Stoney knows the game of baseball, and is a fine color man.

17 years ago

aren’t they both gone now?

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

Someone posing as Chip comments on my blog … I mean, it could be Chip, but I really doubt it

17 years ago

does chip carey like to make comments about chocolate chips?

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