Stumbling upon the Tribune Tower farewell speech given by the Chicago Tribune head editor

Tribune Tower farewell speech by Bruce Dold. Tweet by @robertloerzel

Well, I just happened to stumble upon the Chicago Tribune editorial floor right before the head editor gave a speech to the entire staff.

I work on the 3rd floor with the advertising staff of the Tribune. Editorial is on the 4th floor. I was getting a routine snack at the vending machine on the 3rd. While walking to the kitchen, I passed by the central staircase leading up to the 4th floor.

The Chicago Tribune editorial staff moves out a week before we do. I’ve been meaning to go up to their floor to see what it looks like. Especially now, since they are just two hours away from moving out.

Moments before the Chicago Tribune farewell speech to the Tribune Tower

Tribune Tower cake and champagne for farewell. Tweet by ChrisJonesTribI walked up the staircase that I rarely ever use. Stepping onto their floor, barely anyone was their desk. Everyone was gathered in the middle of the floor waiting for the editor to give his speech. Champagne and cake were on the table.

Since I’m not part of the editorial team of the Chicago Tribune, I just stood off to the side. The architecture critic Blair Kamin was off to the side too. (I did not approach him)

Bruce Dold the head editor gave his toast. He gave props to last investigation produced in this building. He also made a very interesting point about Chicago Tribune’s history. The Chicago Tribune was in the Tower for 93 years. But the Chicago Tribune existed 78 years long before even moving into the Tower. So just as the Chicago Tribune made history before the Tower, we’ll make history after it too.

Earlier today I wrote about why I’m not all that sad about moving out. But hearing Bruce’s speech did make my eyes water—and that somehow I magically happened to stumble upon this pivotal moment in Chicago news history.

In the tweet featured at the top of the post, Pulitzer-prize winner Mary Schmich (in red) is standing on the desk. I’m hidden behind the blue pillar on the right.

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