Vitner’s Vinnie

On Vitner’s Pretzel Superthins appears a mascot called “Vinnie” playing a pretzel trumpet. Vinnie strikes an uncanny resemeblance to an illustration I did for General Electric’s phone accessories in 2000.

What is it with generic cartoon red sunglasses, and gloves on the hands? I think the gloves are to help keep that fine line between product and humanity. Can’t have the product be too human, let’s stick some gloves and shades on him. And make those generic red sunglasses too!

And then there is the mysterious non-existent Vitner’s website. What? No website?! I want more info on this Vinnie. What is this cosmic connection I have with him? I have a phone call into the sales director, Phillip Bremser, at Vintner’s asking him for more information on this elusive mascot.

Idea brought on by Dave and his amazing pretzels.

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Angie O'Neal
20 years ago

Wow, the resemblance IS uncanny.

Isn’t it interesting how we are immediately suspicious of any company that doesn’t have a website…. or has one, but it’s really bad?

20 years ago

wha? i think YOU are making all this up. there’s not vitner’s vinny. that’s a matt maldre conspiracy.

Billy O'Keefe
20 years ago

I think your guy is better

But that pretzel trumpet rocks my world — it’s a trumpet you can eat!

“I’m so hungry I could eat a trumpet”

And so on.

20 years ago

The crazy part is that they both have plastic skin.

2 years ago

Chicago baby! This mascot is still around almost two decades later!

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