What’s more fun on a camping trip? Rifles, skunk infilration, mice born in your clothes, or…

A bucket list going around on facebook has a line item “Have you ever shot a gun?” My brother and I both checked “yes” to it. Which caused curiousity among our friends, “When did you shoot a gun?!”

Matt: Erik and I fired guns as cub scouts when we did some camping trip. There was a rifle range. It was fun.

Erik: Matt Maldre is correct. We fired rifles when we were 10 years old. It was the most fun part of camping trip and the entire camping trip was a lot of fun.

I am shocked that Erik declared shooting rifles to be the most fun part of the trip.

What do you think would be more fun on a camping trip when you are 10 years old?

A) Shooting rifles.

B) A skunk walking into your tent while you are sleeping with the blankets covering your head. And then the skunk jumping on top of your head.

C) Baby mice born inside your luggage.

D) Walking out into an area that had quicksand.

E) The outhouse running out of toilet paper and using leaves from the forest to wipe your butt.

F) Catching frogs by a lagoon.

G) Being completely creeped out by horror stories told by campfire.

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Kristina Jarosik
Kristina Jarosik
13 years ago

ha! i think there’s always an adventure or two when the maldres experience the “great outdoors”. your list made me laugh aloud. sorta of like the family vacation in alaska.

Andre Alforque
13 years ago

Breakfast is the most fun when I go camping. Bacon and eggs over a propane tank. Yummy.

13 years ago

Fun, shooting the rifes. Cool to tell about later… any of the above.

13 years ago

I vote B! I’ve never had a wild animal jump on my head while I was asleep. How outdoorsy!

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