Which is the coolest chicago cubs hat?

I want to buy a new cubs hat. Something funky cool. Which one do you think?

option A: fitted: $23.95: Cap Cubs Trucha Trucker
option B: non-fitted: $16.95: Antidote Mesh Cubs Trucker Hat
option C: fitted: $27.99: Alternate Desert Storm Camo Hat

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laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

oh please oh please oh please don’t get the camo hat! that is so awful. and not in a so-bad-it’s-good way. the other two aren’t so great either. the knit back parts make them look like they’re expandable for big heads. like those elastic waistbands they put on “big and tall” men’s pants.

Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

I’m with Laura. The Camoflauge hat is offensive. It’s funky, but not “cool” funky. “B” fits the funky-cool requirement. I was just over at WrigleySports.com looking at t-shirts. Think someone in marketing is having fun by naming one of the tees the “Wrigley Field Washed Ball T”

19 years ago

I’ll go for option “C” – the “chocolate chip” version, even though I know anything in camo is just so passé.

19 years ago

you want something funky? you want something funky? A and B are not. C is. C is the grandmaster funk. It’s so bad, that’s not cool that it’s actually maybe in bad bad way it’s cool. It’s like George Clinton. Have you seen George Clinton lately? Well, you don’t have to. He hasn’t changed in the last 30 years and he’s still the granddaddy of funk. people will think you’re late to the camo trend and they will think it’s bad, but bad in a bad bad funky way. RELEASE THE ATOMIC DOG. bow wow yippy yo yippy yea.

19 years ago

if you get option C, i think you should wear your mullet wig with the hat. and wear that t-shirt of saddam riding a lawnmower. I tried finding that blog in your “search” section, but it didn’t show up.

Eliana Briones
19 years ago

So bad is good? and bad, bad is bad? I opt for B because it’s neither bad or good..what ever that means..

19 years ago

is your head really small? because i have this great cubs hat from the 80’s, i think i used to weaR it when i was a kid, i mean you can have it. it doesnt fit my head. i think its funky cool.

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