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How to title your blog posts using helpful words

To increase your ranking in search engines, use use words like “the secret to…” or “Advice on…” People love to search these terms. In fact here’s the results from the Overture Keyword Selector Tool 90,817 advice 66,008 secrets 43,352 classified 35,138 answer 32,224 tips 29,558 solution 22,405 strategy 15,272 thought 14,531 lesson 8,797 instruction 7,612 […]

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payment in two dollar bills

payment in two dollar bills

If you have a car or a large price item, and decide to sell it, you should ask for payment in two-dollar bills only. Imagine that, a lifetime supply of two dollar bills. Anytime you pay for something, you can shell out two-dollar bills. People will love it! Everyone loves the two-dollar bill!!!

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Animated gifs on webpages

One of my friends is a designing his first webpage, and he’s not a designer. He says he wants “some neat little animated buttons here and there just to get some movement on the page.” And I said, “oh dear.” He was like, “what?” He didn’t understand why i thought having animated gifs all over […]

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Sushi Thanksgiving

Going out for all-you-can-eat sushi with 12 people will take some time for the chefs to keep up with your order, but it’s lots of fun to order whatever sushi you wish without worrying about price. Sushi Para II in Chicago offers an all-you-can-eat sushi for $17.95. Eating that much overflowing plates of sushi is […]

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Make your own jokes for ANYTHING

There this site at where you can make a joke about anything. All you do is put in the topic and some keywords related to it, and pow! It’ll give you a bunch of jokes–although they are so bad! (but so bad, they are actually good–in a weird way). Here’s some examples. Subject: a […]

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