Bobble head doll for the ladies (Kyle Farnsworth)

This year, the Cubs are offering bobbin head doll giveaways of Ryne Sandberg, Sammy Sosa, and Kyle Farnsworth. Kyle who?

I think it’s funny that they decided to do a Kyle Farnsworth bobblehead. Of all the Cubs past and present, they decide to go with him.

But, the Cubs marketing department must be very keen on a recent trend.

Since mark grace left, the ladies have had no cubs “hotties” to gawk at. Sammy the elf? Girardi the gnome? McGriff and Alou the elderly? No way Jose. Kyle Farnsworth is very popular with the ladies for the tight pants that he wears. The Lincoln Park Trixie association loves him.
Check out the poll from 5/16/2001 ( link).

I think it’s soo funny that the Cubs are doing a Farnsworth bobble head doll for the ladies! I think this makes it a very quirky collectible with a funny story.

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