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Dodgeball strategies, secrets and tips: Part 1 of 7

Here is a in-depth series of dodgeball strategies to improve your game and destroy the competition:

1) Pre-Game
2) Equipment
3) Throwing Techniques
4) Attack Strategies during the Game
5) Ball Control
6) Distractions
7) Catching
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Today’s topic is 1) Pre-Game:

  • Before the game get with your team and assign a “hit list.” Decide who are the the top three best players on your opponents team. Assign each person a number. When your team has two or more balls, call out the number for synchronized targets.
  • Warmup and practice throwing before the game. It shows that you practice and thereby intimidates.
  • A few days before you play, watch Dodgeball the Movie to get the cultural feel for the game of Dodgeball.
  • Buy the same type of ball that the National Amateur Dodgeball Association uses: An 8-inch Gator Skin ball for $13.88 (available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.)

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95 comments on "Dodgeball strategies, secrets and tips: Part 1 of 7"

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i just learned that they won’t let kids play dodgeball in school anymore. i don’t understand that. did anyone ever have a negative experience from playing dodgeball??

bryan o omolo

I play dodge ball in school and i’m a 8 year old.

Abhay Shah

My gf’s mom tells me dodgeball is alive and well in downstate IL. They’re even playing with the red rubber balls that are also used in kickball and 4-square.


oh man, those are the ones that hurt. i think we are raising kids to be big babies around here 🙁

Tom Saaristo

Look at you! That’s great! Was this a one-time tournament or will it be on-going? I played dodge ball in school and I was actually quite good. My trick was to stay back until my team was down to just a couple of players [we usually started with close to 20 on each team”> … and then BRING IT ON, so to speak :^D


i had many many negative dodgeball experiences as a kid. i never had a positive experience. what’s fun about getting smacked by a big red rubber ball? i was terrified. it was torture. i’m glad they’ve abolished it.

Tom Saaristo

Did your team have a name?