Favorite Pantone Color

I don’t know how many graphic dorks we have on here (I know we have a few), but what is your favorite pantone color?

A folder solid flush with 021. Bam! talk about bright!

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laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

interesting that a web designer is concerned with Pantone colors. normally those don’t come up in web design.

Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

I concur. I’m not all that Pantone savvy seeing that I am more a web designer than a graphic designer [at least nowadays”> but I still consider myself a geek … I choose 653 … it is probably darn close to my favorite Pantone color* *chosen based on any and all knowledge of the Pantone Color Matching System as of 3/22/04 18:24PM

19 years ago

gosh. “favorite”? like all-time favorite? or what pantone am i into NOW? I’m into yellows now. All shades. I used to avoid yellow, but i since i decided to give it a shot in my resume/portfolio i can’t get enuf of that fun, bright color. if i had to pick one pantone color that is the old stand-by, i’d go with the old-fashioned pantone 300. a nice, clean, friendly royal blue. When I’m talking tech and i give examples, i always mention pantone 300. it’s my lucky pantone number. Though recently I’m more inclined to go with a darker, deeper blue. I’m not sure the last time i designed with pms 300.

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