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List of official team colors for professional sports

There should be a list of the official team colors for professional teams. So I’m starting one here. I’m accepting the colors for any team in the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Seeing that I’m a designer for the Tribune, let’s start with the Chicago Cubs.

  • Pantone 294, Pantone 186: Chicago Cubs

This is a little weird, because the official Tribune Company blue is Pantone 293.
source: Matthew Maldre, Tribune designer

Here’s a few more colors I found:

  • Pantone 294: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Pantone 288: New York Mets
  • Pantone 288: Kansas City Royals


The official green for the Master: 

  • Pantone 342: Masters golf tournament


In addition to leaving the color and team name, please also give a source where you got that color. We can only know how official something is if we know where that color number came from, otherwise, someone could just be guessing what the color is.

Let’s start building a list of the official team colors. Please leave team Pantone colors in the comments.
Thank you


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Tom Saaristo

“Dodger blue” is MY color! Wow!

Don The Idea Guy

Another resource might be provided by Glidden’s new officially licensed “Team Colors” line of paints.

You could grab a bunch of their paint chips and match-up the Pantone colors. ~ Don The Idea Guy


Hello, I am a graphic designer who is trying to create mini banners for professional teams. I am having a hard time locating official Pantone colors for teams too. If you have found any colors (particularly for NFL teams), please let me know. Thank you. BTW- I often know a teams “official” color name, yet cannot locate the Pantone value, ie., “Seal Brown” = ???


Have you narrowed it down to one?


here are some more

I can’t understand why teams don’t put this information on their official sites. I just found this on What are the official color shades of the Packers? — Tim (Clarksville, TN) This isn’t on the FAQ page of, but it should be (and soon will be). The official Packers colors are Dark Green (PMS 5535-C), Gold (PMS 1235-C) and White. I am not the Tim that sent in this question, but it just goes to show you that great minds think alike. Good luck compiling your list. If I get the time, I’ll snoop around on the… Read more »

all NFL colors…check this out


does anyone have the same thing for NCAA Division I football teams?