Pantone’s top ten fashion colors for spring 2007

Here’s the official forecast for spring 2007 colors from Pantone. Which one of these colors is your favorite?

Offical Pantone Color My Comments

PANTONE 12-1206
Silver Peony
C= 3 M=13 Y=15 K

“My flesh”
This is the nudie shirt color

PANTONE 15-0326
C=37 M=7 Y=60 K=0

“Shrek lives on”
Tarragon. You gotta have the lime green of Shrek in here. The Shrek color will never die!!!

PANTONE 16-3801
Opal Gray
C=34 M=21 Y=28 K=0

“Messed up Gray”
The Opal gray is nice, but it has too much yellow in it. Golden Apricot is a nice color.

PANTONE 14-1041
Golden Apricot
C=8 M=26 Y=70 K=0

“Standard Apricot”
Golen Apricot is a nice happy orange color. Interesting how there’s a bit of cyan added to the mix. Too bad it’s not a bright orange. It’s much more subdued. Just like all the colors in the palette except for…

PANTONE 19-2924
C=55 M=97 Y=14 K=3

“Extreme Purple”
HOLLYHOCK! The most saturated color in this group. All the other colors are being so wimpy and light. Hollyhock is the only one that can stand up and be the bold one of the group. I would have to say this is my favorite color of this group. It’s just a gut level choice. I used to like purple a lot in high school, it might be growing back on me again. But I probably have this as my fav, because it’s the most bold and different.

PANTONE 13-0648
Green Sheen
C=13 M=5 Y=72 K=0

“Acid Yellow”
Green Sheen is an interesting departure from the Tarragon. Much more yellow. And it’s an interesting departure from the color yellow. It’s like yellow, but with a bit–just a bit of green added to it. It’s like an acid yellow.
PANTONE 16-3929
C=57 M=28 Y=1 K=0
“Standard blue”
The standard inclusion of blue within the palette. Blue is dull. Blah Blah blue. Grapemist could also be read as Grapem-ist. Why in the world is there just a 1% of yellow here?
PANTONE 16-1220
Café Crème
C=19 M=38 Y=45 K=5
“Hot Chocolate”
This is actually a very nice color. It does match a good creme coffee. Although it reminds me more of hot cholocate. Man, that would be a rockin color, Hot Chocolate.
PANTONE 16-1720
Strawberry Ice
C=1 M=56 Y=29 K=0
“Strawberry Ice”
To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage with Strawberry Ice like a candle. Again with the 1% values. What’s with the one percent of cyan? That is just poor color values. How can Pantone do that?
PANTONE 14-4318
Sky Blue
C=45 M=9 Y=8 K=0
“Sky Blue”
Another inclusion of blue. What do I have against blue?

Source: “Pantone Unveils the Top 10 Colors for Spring 2007” on I made an illustrator file with the swatches, if you want to import it into Adobe Illustrator. View the rest of my color posts.

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Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

Looks like the venerable pink and green have returned

17 years ago

green sheen. I’ll have to try and use that color sometime. I don’t think i’ve ever used an acid yellow in a design. This is a nice list. It’s good to force yourself to use colors you normally don’t use. You can be surprised what a fresh, unexpected color choice can do for a design.

17 years ago

could you tell me the pantone color forecast for men 2007 spring/ summer?

Ashish Anand
Ashish Anand
17 years ago

Plz. send me the updates !

khushali gandhi
khushali gandhi
17 years ago

plssss send me d updates of fashion forecast including the pantone colours and the new trends

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