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I’m thinking about taking one of my blog posts a week and making it into a comic strip. There are some really nice comic strips out there that are inspiring…

Daily comic strips:

ï American Elf by James Kochalka: Cute diary sketches

ï Mutts by Patrick McDonnell: Adorable insights on life, drawn great

ï Brewster Rockit by Tim Rickard: Parody of space in pop culture (not yet online)

ï Mister Boffo by Joe Martin: Quirky

√Ø Cats with Hands by Joe Martin: Even though I’m not a cat person, what he makes cats do are quite funny

No longer published daily comic strips:

ï Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson: classic insights on life & creatively drawn / designed

√Ø Far Side: fun juxtapositions (can’t find an archive online)

Non-daily comic strips:

ï Ben Katchor in Metropolis Magazine: Urban observations.

ï Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer by Ben Katchor: More urban observations.

√Ø Spy vs. Spy: Violent humor at its best (can’t find an archive online)

Graphic Novelists:

ï James Kochalka

Editorial Cartoons:

ï Ted Rall: Liberal cartoonist with a true edge (but sometimes goes too far). Nicely drawn.

Nicely drawn comics that aren’t good for anything else:

ï Captain Ribman by John Sprengelmeyer and Rich Davis

ï La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz

ï Pooch CafÈ by Paul Gilligan

ï Big Top by Rob Harrell

Most daily cartoonists fall into the trap of making every single comic strip into a gag. Comics like American Elf, Mutts, and Ben Katchor’s work escape this trap by capturing life without trying to use stupid jokes all the time.

Does anyone know of any good comic strips, editorial cartoonists, graphic novelists? Hungry for inspiration!

Comments are very welcome, please leave a reply

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Eliana Briones

My nephew does comic art. His site is I think this might fit into your criteria?

Eliana Briones

I think he has had past comics….I’ll ask him and let you know. Another person I know who delves into the following site you can try that one too.