steve bartman: sorry for him?

It’s been awhile since the Steve Bartman interfering with the foul ball in Game six of the Chicago Cubs playoffs. We should all have some good perspective on the situation since it’s been awhile.

Do you feel sorry for Steve Bartman? Or do you not?

I have a theory on this, but first I would like to hear people’s responses.

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Billy OK
20 years ago

I feel sorry for all you Cubs fans, that’s who I feel sorry for!!! I think people should let him come out of hiding — never in baseball history have 8 runs scored on a dropped foul ball. The Cubs blew it — and blew it again the next night. All that money to ruin a baseball is so silly — hopefully proceeds are going to a good cause somehow (I’ll admit I’m too busy getting ready for Astro and Met fever to follow the story all that well)

20 years ago

Despite bartman’s blunder it is still 100% the cubs’ fault. the fact remains it was just a foul ball. it’s not like that kid that caught the fly ball in baltimore which turned into a homerun for the yankees. the orioles got screwed there. that’s instant runs you can’t get back. I hate defending Bartman, but the fact remains that the ball was in foul territory. Technically, that’s fair game. That’s withing the parameters of the rules. Technically, bartman didn’t do anything wrong. NOW, any smart Cubs fan would get out of Alou’s way. (And what about the other clowns around Bartman that were reaching for the ball? They are equally guilty of being stupid “fans”.) the pure fact remains that the play resulted in a foul ball. Since the play is clean by the rule book, the Cubs technically had their fair chance to rebound. Prior was already starting to lose his stuff. Gonzalez should have picked up that routine ball. the cubs lost their focus. they were focusing on bartman. is it bartman’s fault the cubs lost their focus? No. IT IS THE CUBS’ FAULT FOR LOSING THEIR FOCUS. Anybody who is a true winner, takes control of the situation, whether good or bad, and makes the best of it. The Cubs did not make the best of their situation. Yes, it was a bad situation. They had to rebound from a stupid fan doing something stupid. But, it was also a good situation. They had only 5 freakin’ outs to go. What a great opportunity! But the Cubs lost their focus. They are responsible for their actions. They lost. Would have the cubs won if bartman didn’t get in the way? most likely. But that doesn’t mean bartman is to blame. I don’t blame Bartman. I blame the Cubs. Bartman is just an idiot. He should have known better. Don’t blame the idiot. Just call him an idiot and move on. That’s what the Cubs should have done in the 8th inning.

20 years ago

i guess the question was whether or not i feel sorry for bartman. Fans should realize the Cubs had their fair chance to rebound. They should not place the blame on Bartman. I suppose I feel a certain level of sympathy in that regard. Bartman is being accused of more than he committed. That is not fair. Now, Bartman does MOST CERTAINLY deserve criticism for being a stupid fan and not thinking. Yes, I will support all that criticism. That was a dumb move, Bartman. But really, let’s keep the criticism within that perspective. Plus, all the criticism about him doing something stupid gets old after a while.

Tom Saaristo
20 years ago

I agree with Mr. Billy. What a waste of cash and resources. The fact that it was the lead story on WGN News last night shows exactly how ridiculous all of this is. I’m sure people will be taking the day off tomorrow to watch the spectacle. Maybe something real will happen. I feel sorry for people who feel like they have to find someone [Bartman”> or something [goat”> for problems that belong to the Cubs.

19 years ago

i am so pissed that the ball wasn’t actually destoyed. Now it’s in tiny tiny pieces and they’re going to display them at harry caray’s different restaurants. I can’t believe that. It goes against the whole idea that the ball would actually be destroyed. Instead of destroying it, they are displaying it. how terrible. they got their money’s worth in tv coverage and such. what a terrible PR stunt. I am offended.

19 years ago

i guess so. it’s kinda bill veck-ian. I guess that’s baseball, huh?

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