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Topps @reply percentage on twitter

Questions for Topps and Beckett Media

Do you think the #1 trading card manufacturer (topps) and the official trading card pricing experts (Beckett Media) would respond to you if you had questions for them? I tweeted a different question every day for nine days to these experts and got zero responses. Granted, Beckett Media responds to no tweets. But @toppscards does […]

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Upper deck at the Cell

White Sox fans are quiet in the upper deck

Going to a White Sox night game with one week left in the season, and the Sox 1.5 games from first place is an interesting experience. The fans were attentive to the game, but quiet. When they introduced a US Army solider in the 4th inning, he got more applause and people standing than when […]

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San Diego Padres stupid hat

Professional sports salaries influence our hurt economy

Maybe part of America’s economic problems is related to the rising salaries of professional sports players. Their salaries are completely wacked. Thus high-level execs of companies feel like they should be making lots of money too. Thus the average worker gets screwed because executives take on higher salaries. It’s not the complete cause, it’s just […]

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Least Valuable Player for every year

I want to make a baseball card collection of every season’s Least Valuable Player. This list comes from High Heat Stats Lowest Non-Pitcher WAR (Baseball-Reference Version) By Season: 2011 Adam Dunn -3.0 2010 Nate McLouth -2.8 2009 Yuniesky Betancourt -2.4 2008 Jeff Franceour, Mike Jacobs, Jacques Jones and Jeff Keppinger -1.9 2007 Jermaine Dye -1.9 […]

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The best nine cards for this player

I’d like to see a blog where every post features the ten best baseball cards of a single player. Or maybe nine, so the blog can show them as a grid of 3×3. Baseball card pages also show nine cards at a time. Names for the blog could be: — This Players Best Nine — […]

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mockup of QR code on a baseball card

Every baseball card should have its own QR code

Imagine displaying your entire physical baseball card collection online. But how? Manually searching and typing each baseball card? Too much work. Scanning in each baseball card? That’s even more work! Googling each card to find an image? There needs to be a solution to showing your baseball cards online. Enter QR codes. It would be […]

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The only time Steve Stone was an All-Star

Players picked for just one All-Star Game in his career

1,637 players have appeared in the MLB All-Star Game. 680 players were picked for just one game. Here’s some highlights: Kiki Cuyler: 1934 Randy Hundley: 1969 Lou Piniella: 1972 Manny Mota: 1973 Gary Matthews: 1979 Don Baylor: 1979 Steve Stone: 1980 Bill Buckner: 1981 Ron Kittle: 1983 Dave Dravecky: 1983 Vance Law: 1988 Mitch Williams: […]

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