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2018 Topps Star Wars Masterwork GAMORREAN GUARD 1-1 SKETCH BY GLENN SAVAGE

Gamorrean Guard looks like the Chicago Bean

The roundness of this Gamorrean Guard illustration reminds me of the Chicago Bean. EVERYTHING reminds me of the Chicago Bean these days. Glenn Savage has done other sketch cards for Star Wars. The Gamorrean Guard is my favorite. This is pretty cool. I took Glenn Savage’s Gamorrean Guard sketch card deepart’ed it with my Bean […]

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Neil Armstrong’s Moon bootprint as origami crane

Reflections on the Chicago Bean

One of the world’s most iconic public artworks is right across the street from my new workplace. That famous artwork? The 110-ton reflective bean in Chicago. Installed in 2006, this mirrored sculpture hit the ground just in time for our culture’s selfie obsession. People love taking photos of themselves of the bean. You can’t help […]

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The Spudart logo looks like the Chicago bean

My Spudart logo bears a somewhat resemblance to the Chicago Bean, aka Cloudgate. I find pleasure in this because when I designed the Spudart logo in 1998, I wanted my logo to function like a potato where it has many inherent possibilities–to be able to look like different things. A potato. A plane. A face. […]

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