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Learning to write a phrase in Hindi

My wonderful wife wrote a gracious message on my Facebook wall for Father’s day. In her message she mentioned, “joie de vivre.” Not knowing what this phrase means, I headed over to one of my favorite resources on the internet, Google Translate. The default language for translations—for some reason on my Google—was set to Hindi. […]

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Die Spam: German

The German word for spam

What is the German word for spam? I was hoping it would be something awesome like, Schmerzlichmail. However, it’s simply “Spam.” But the article makes it fun… in the German languages there are three different ways of saying “the”: der, die, das. The article for spam is “die”, thus it is: Die Spam. I’d like […]

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Infographic listing 65 translations of

How to say “honeymoon” in 65 languages

Honeymoon is such an interesting word. The Japanese have a fun way of translating the word (as covered on my wedding blog). The French literally translates it as “moon of honey,” as seen on 1540s, hony moone, but probably much older, “indefinite period of tenderness and pleasure experienced by a newly wed couple,” from […]

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Google Translate Circle

Translate some lyrics in English and translate them into Japanese and back into English. You end up with some pretty funny results. The Pledge of Allegiance ends up becoming: “United States of America of flag to and that I swears the loyalty to the republic of condition without being able to divide God below 1 […]

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91 different ways of saying crazy

Ever call someone crazy in an IM or text? Perhaps you even get a little creative and call that person ker-azee. Now you can never run out of ways to call someone crazee with this list of 96 different spellings of crazy: Alternate spellings cray cray ker-azee crazee crazies Formatting ȼяąƶ¬• √ßȑ√•≈æ√ø ȼřąƶ¬• ςŕά≈æч ČŘ√ÉŻЎ […]

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Can I speak Estonian?

Ma ei räägi eesti keelt, mida mälu. Ma ei oska eesti keelt läbi Google Translate. Minu murre on Google Translate murre Eesti. Võin rääkida iga töö Eesti Google Translate olemasolu. Minu väga sõnad siin on tõend selle kohta vööri alla, enne kui me tegelikult. For those who want to read this in English.

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Freetranslation cycle

Go to, translate some English into another language, and then convert it back to english. ENGLISH: I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. JAPANESE: (Japanese characters won’t display in my […]

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DJ Otzi “Burger Dance” song translated from German to English

There’s a new dance song by DJ Otzi called “Burger Dance” Here’s the German: Oooooooooohhh…. The Pizza Hut, the Pizza Hut, Kentucky fried chicken in the Pizza Hut, the Pizza Hut, the Pizza Hut, Kentucky fried chicken in the Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, Kentucky fried chicken in the Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, Kentucky fried chicken […]

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You know those online translator sites that translate stuff into other languages automatically? Of course things get lost in automatic translation, so here’s a fun game: 1) Take a phrase in English 2) Put it into an online translator like 3) Translate it into another language. Say… German. 4) Take the German translation and […]

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