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I just want to give a public thanks to Data393, the company that hosts They gave me great, honest, and fast answers when my site was briefly down today.

When the site was down, I asked them if I needed to upgrade my plan from $50/month (an old plan) to $130/month to have more RAM. They said that since I haven’t experienced problems recently there wasn’t any need. I bet most companies would love to just merely upgrade their clients and get more money. But the tech staff of Data393 really looked at my situation and said since I haven’t had any recent problems I was just experiencing some high traffic. And they also said I should continue to stick with my current plan and just watch to see if I continue to get high traffic.

Thank you Data 393.

I recommend them to anyone looking to host a bunch of domains at once (up to 30). They are pricey, but you get great service. Here’s a link to their Linux VPS hosting plans. (There is no affiliate link here, it’s just an honest simple link)

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