Top 13 recommended design websites

Recently I gave 13 recommended design links to a graphic design student:


A must for anyone interested in advertising.

Publications and newspapers:

A must for anyone interested in publications and newspapers.


The essential illustration blog.


Online portfolios:

Although I like custom portfolios on websites, there is an advantage to posting your work on sites like and Because portfolios are standardized, it’s easier for employeers to search through people’s books. The more places you can get your work out, the better.

General design blogs:

Cool stuff:

(aside from the standard, there’s the lesser known which brings in an interesting community aspect to style.

Designers network:

There’s a new site that aims to bring graphic designers together through social networking.

Adobe Studio Exchange:

THE place to get free photoshop brushes, actions, filters for all of adobe’s programs.

Do you have any other sites to recommend? Please drop a link in the comments.

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14 years ago

graphic design community portals And the following links are just good for general creativity. They cover some graphic design. graphic design bloggish kinda site: page giving links to various graphic design related sites: industrial design can be a source of inspiration for graphic designers. These are two best ID sites in the biz: here’s a mish-mash of graphic design info: tutorials: (lots of video stuff here) you want to be a serious Photoshop user? Then check out the NAPP and go to the best photoshop seminars in the world. stock photography I use them all the time. I very rarely look at other stock photo sites, except… excellent user submitted photos site. Anyone and everyone can submit photos and illustrations to this site and get paid based on how many downloads their images get. There’s alot of useful stuff here that you’ll never find on a site like gettyone. illustration nice place to check out countless different illustration styles

14 years ago
14 years ago
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